We offer a full line of accessories at Bash Bish Bicycle. Accessories can make your bike safer, more useful, and more enjoyable to ride. When you buy your new bike from us you are entitled to 10 percent savings on accessories for 30 days from the date of purchase. Some of the more common ones are listed below with a brief description.

image of cycling helmet

Helmets are your best insurance against the most serious of cycling injuries. Todays helmets are comfortable and lightweight.

image of cycling mirror

Mirrors are invaluable safety equipment. Especially for those interacting with automobiles

image of water bottle

A water bottle and cage are an easy way to hydrate yourself when cycling.

image of trunk bag

Bicycle bags are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Great for carrying anything from keys to camping equipment.

image of bicycle pump

Pumps are available in floor models for the home or mini versions to take along. Bike tires naturally lose air - so pump them up often to avoid getting flats easily.

image of bicycle rack

Racks are great for carrying heavier items or for attaching rear bags. Baskets are good for bulkier items.

image of bicycle bell

Bells and horns are great for alerting others of your approach or just sounding off. Some horns are nearly as loud as an automobile's.

image of multitool

Compact tools are for emergency use or the occasional adjustment. Usefull ones include tire levers, air gauge, and allen wrenches. Multitools have a number of small tools in one compact package.

image of cycling computer

Cycling computers provide a speedometer, oodometer, and a variety of other usefull functions. Great for gauging improvement or just to satisfy your post ride curiosity.

image of bicycle fenders

Fenders are no longer standard equipment on most bikes. However, they provide protection for you and your bike on wet roads or that muddy trail.

image of bicycle light

Rear LED lights make you highly visible to approaching automobiles. Headlights are available in disposable or rechargeable battery models.

image of bicycle lock

Locks are a deterrent against theft. They are available in variety of keyed or combination deigns.